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Running the San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon

After four and a half months of training, I did it. Last Sunday, June 1st, I ran the San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon. Looking back on the last four months, I can definitely say that this has been one of the most challenging experiences of my life.

When I say that it was one of the most challenging experiences, I don’t mean because it was 26.2 miles. Sure, that is difficult but the running aspect wasn’t the toughest part. Sacrificing my social life on the weekends was hard. When I say social life, I mean staying out late and drinking with friends. Did I sometimes have the fear of missing out? Yes. Was it worth it in the end? Without a doubt.

The training was a journey and I learned a lot. I see a lot of things differently and I can say that I am a changed person.

Anyways, now to the marathon.

I left my house at 6am Saturday morning to set off for San Diego. I was nervous the entire drive down. I kept thinking whether or not I would reach my goal of 3:45:00 and below or worse, if id be able to finish the race!

As I arrived in San Diego, I met up with one of my good friend’s from college, Tyler. We both threw our bags in our hotel room and headed to breakfast before eventually stopping by the expo to pick up our race bibs.

The expo was great but if you’re strapped for cash like I was, then it’s hell. You have all these awesome deals on shoes and other brands offering deals on their products. Unfortunately, not many gave out samples like I was hoping but it wasn’t a big deal to me.

Afterwards, we headed out for lunch and ate some bomb pasta at this little Italian restaurant in the Gaslamp District. Downtown San Diego had a lot of awesome restaurants and it helped a lot with my carbo-loading.

The next morning, I woke up and got ready for what would be one hell of a time. I was pumped the entire walk to the start line. Tyler and I hung out for a quick few minutes before he headed to his corral.

A couple of minutes later, we were off! The first half of the course was mainly flat with a couple of minor rolling hills. The entire time I was feeling great and could see why carbo-loading is so crucial. I felt the energy and could honestly run all day.

The supporters on the side of the road were the best part of this race. They were extremely supportive and a lot of them offered a wide variety of snacks and drinks. I even drank a small dixie cup of beer from a “beer-ade” stand outside someone’s house. Why not, right? BEER. IS. AWESOME.

While the first half went by quick, it was not until I reached mile 17/18 to where things started to get rough. That’s when the hills began. Luckily, I knew this course because my friend Gillian ran it a year prior. She mentioned to keep a good pace and to save my legs for mile 20. What was on mile 20 you say? Oh, i’ll tell you. There was a little over a MILE OF CLIMBING UP THE 163 FREEWAY! It was steep, it was a pain, but I ran up the entire monster without stopping and killed it. I’ve always been good with hills. Whether it was cycling or running, climbing was always one of my strongest points.

Besides the monster, it was pretty cool to run on the 163 freeway. I don’t know, there’s just something about running on roads that you normally can’t that makes it fun.
The last four and half miles were definitely the toughest. This is when I learned how mental it is to run a marathon. So many times I wanted to quit and just walk the rest of the way. Of course, I just kept thinking how hard I’ve trained and how much I’ve sacrificed and that it would all be for nothing. The last mile I ran with all I had left in me and when the finish line was in sight, I sprinted like there was no tomorrow.

Crossing the finish was an unreal experience and it’s difficult to put into words. I ended up finishing with a time of 3:44:03. I was extremely happy. I wanted to get under 3:45:00 and I did it. I feel accomplished and I can’t tell you how happy I’ve been these last few days.

Big thanks to my friend Gillian Clow. Even though she enjoys talking about running 24/7, I bombarded her with questions from the second I started training until I arrived in San Diego. She’s been a big help and she is one hell of a friend.

Originally I said I wouldn’t want to run another marathon, but If I do I’m running a flat course. Perhaps the Arizona Rock N Roll in January? (A-S-U! A-S-U!)

Well, I think I’m done typing now. I have no energy, my legs are sore, and I am sick with the cold, but it was all worth it. San Diego, you did me dirty!

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Update: One Month To Go

The last time you heard from me I had finished my first half marathon and wrote my review on Thirty 48’s compression sleeves. Since then, not much has changed besides my training for my marathon coming up on June 1st. It’s crazy to think it’s just a month away. It seems so far, yet it’s so close.

I think one of the greatest things about this journey is the lesson’s I’m learning along the way. What I’ve learned the most so far is how mentally strong you have to be. At any moment on my runs I just want to quit and walk the rest of the way home, not to mention stop by the nearest gas station and devour a couple Snickers ice cream bars. (I have a crazy sweet tooth)

Sometimes, I like to think my energy gel is Nutella. Speaking of which, WHY HAVEN’T THEY CREATED A NUTELLA-LIKE FLAVORED GEL?! My guess is because people would consume too much and no one would be able to finish their runs due to a major food coma. (I know I would)

Since the Pacific Half Marathon, my long runs on weekends have increased and tapered. I ran 18 miles on Sunday and although I was bonking near the end, I felt good throughout the run. It was awesome to run on the Chesebro trail. I’ll definitely be running there now on. Overall, my form is getting there and I believe I can definitely achieve my goal of a sub 4-hour time. Ideally, I’d like to get 3:45:00. It’s a reasonable time based on my current fitness.

From now until my marathon, I don’t plan on blogging much but please be sure to follow me on twitter. (@pjorgel) I tweet everyday and I am occasionally funny! After this marathon, I plan on running a good amount of Halfs and will definitely be blogging on those.  


Next post: Finishing the San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon!

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On The Tarmac Review: Thirty 48 Compression Sleeve

Shin Splints. They suck….really hard. With that in mind, I WAS DESPERATE TO GET RID OF THEM! I tried stretching exercises, foam rolling, etc. You name it, I most likely tried it. I then read about compression sleeves and how they help battle shin splints, cramping, and other common injuries that runners face.

I tried McDavid. Never again. They were uncomfortable and near damn impossible to take off after a workout. I later tried Zensah. They were pretty good, definitely better than McDavid but was lacking that missing factor. A few days later I saw that my friend Gillian was doing some product testing for a brand called Thirty 48. Naturally, I was interested. They specialize in socks for running/cycling, as well as compression sleeves for performance and recovery.

Gillian told me how much she loved their products and she even gave an honest comparison to other brands she tried. I trusted every word she said because she’s been running her whole life and has tried a lot of products. Before purchasing Thirty 48’s product, I emailed them about their sizing and advice on what size to get. I have to say that not only was I impressed with how fast they emailed me, but their delivery was quick. I received my compression sleeves a few days after purchasing and tried them out right away.

First off, I have to say that I loved the colorway and design. Simple yet awesome. Although I wish they offered more colorway options in their performance sleeve, it wasn’t a big deal to me. As soon as I put them on, I immediately felt a HUGE difference compared to the other brands I tried. They were more comfortable and felt right.

They didn’t slide off my legs during my runs and aided in recovery afterwards. (You should have an extra pair on deck so you aren’t rocking  sweat all day). I could wear these bad boys ALL.DAY.LONG! You think I’m kidding? No sir. I’m actually wearing them right now under my pants in the office (Don’t tell my boss though, because I might get fired for enhancing my performance.) 

Since purchasing my first pair of compression sleeves three weeks ago, i’m proud to say that my medial shin splints in my left leg have gone away and I completed my first half marathon with no pain or problems. (The picture below is me at the finish line last Saturday at the Pacific Half Marathon)


While changing my shoes helped fix my injury, I felt a huge difference before that while wearing Thirty 48. These compression sleeves are the real deal and I look forward to purchasing a couple pairs of their compression plus sleeves, as well as their socks. 

Thank you Thirty 48, my legs thank you.

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Running the Pacific Half Marathon

Yesterday morning I ran the Pacific Half Marathon, hosted by the Great Race of Agoura Hills. I decided to run this race because it happened to be in my hometown as well as help prepare me halfway through my training for my marathon this June. It was my first half marathon and I was pretty excited. The only problem was that this course was challenging. Luckily, I knew every foot of the course because i’ve cycled those roads a thousand times, (Seriously, I did. I’m not exaggerating) but nonetheless it wouldn’t be easier.

As the race began, I decided to run near the front of the crowd and I was glad I did. It helped me keep a solid pace and plenty of motivation to keep up with those ahead of me. The first two miles were a breeze until I reached the third mile on Kanan Road that had a long but steady hill. Once I reached the top, it was smooth sailing of downhill running for a half mile until the real fun began. I felt great up to mile 8 until there was a very steep hill that took a lot out of me and I’m sure with everyone else.

As I got to the top, I regained my energy and flew through the next three miles. It was not until I reached mile 11, that it started to hit me hard. I was beginning to feel what it was like to hit the wall. My energy was running low and my legs were beginning to shut down. I started to walk a few seconds in between running and it ended up working out for me. I sprinted the last half mile and was greeted by two of my good friends, Adam (left) and Amit (right). Just in case you were curious, “Peeps” is a nickname they call me.


I ended up finishing with a time of 1:41:28 (7:45 pace). It was good enough to get me 24th place overall and 2nd in my age division. I was extremely happy with my results and didn’t think I could pull off a sub two hour time because of the difficulty of the course, but I did it.


The Great Race of Agoura Hills provided an awesome event and the volunteers were great. I definitely would run this race again. Next year I think I may try the Great Race’s other half marathon, the Chesebro Trail Half Marathon. Lastly, I have to give thanks to Thirty 48. Their compression sleeves were clutch! I’ll be writing a review on their compression sleeves soon.

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Marathon or Bust

It’s been awhile since my last blog post and yes, I did lie. Get over it. Although I do not think anyone cares considering I only have nine subscribers. Anyways, a lot has changed since my last post. I graduated last May from Walter Cronkite School of Journalism & Mass Communication at Arizona state University and have been back home in lovely Oak Park (sigh). Since the start of the new year, I decided that I wanted to run a marathon. It was something i’ve always wanted to do and felt like now was definitely a better time than when i’m older. I’ll still be riding my bike once a week to cross train but putting all my focus on this marathon. Big thanks to my friend Gillian Clow for inspiring me to get back into blogging. Here’s her blog http://thatsg.com , Check it out! I’ll be posting reviews, updates on my suffering during training, and whatever I feel like blogging about. 


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I’m Back, But At The Wrong Time

To those who had followed my blog, I apologize for the long delay. I cannot believe it’s been over a year since I last blogged. Now that I am a senior in college, I will have more time to write. Unfortunately this time has come at the end of the 2012 season. I will be blogging during this upcoming off-season and season. I am looking forward to talking to you all on Twitter and can’t wait to start up this blog again. 


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Tour De France Preview

I decided I am going to make this blog post short but of course informative. Immediately I am going to say that I, along with the rest of the cycling community have been waiting a year for the Tour De France to start again!

My predictions on who will be on the podium:

1st-Andy Schleck: I am choosing Andy Schleck to win for several reasons.1.) He is a year older and a year wiser. The whole chaingate incident was horrible but showed how great Schleck was becoming before his chain popped. 2.) Schleck is bringing with him the same strong team that was personally built for this race. 3.)If brother Frank doesn’t crash and break his collarbone again, look out for these two brothers to do damage in the mountains.

2nd- Alberto Contador: Alberto is stronger than ever and he proved that in the Giro d’ Italia, so seeing a 4th yellow jersey wouldn’t be a surprise. Let’s hope he has the same legs in the Tour that he had in the Giro because we all have an idea how hard it is to rebound from winning the Giro and still be rested in time for the Tour.

3rd- Cadel Evans: Call me crazy but Cadel is back! His change in racing schedule to limit his racing days to prepare for the Tour has only showed promising results. 

Other than the big three I chose, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Robert Gesink, Levi Leipheimer, Chris Horner, Frank Schleck, Jurgen Van Den Broeck, Bradley Wiggins, Samuel Sanchez, and Garmin’s Ryder Hesjedal and Christian Vande Velde to crack the podium. Of course there are many others I am missing and also many riders who will be a surprise. Tweet at me your predictions!

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Radioshacks New Leader?

I’m going to start off todays blog with this: listening to Tiesto while writing this blog is a game changer! While Levi Leipheimer is looking for his fourth Amgen Tour of California (ATOC) title, another rider who we all know can lead Radioshack finally emerged: Chris Horner. I’ll say it now and i’ll say it again for the rest of the year that Chris Horner should be the one leading Radioshack this year at the Tour of California and especially the Tour De France. Horner finished 4th behind levi (3rd) at the 2010 ATOC and finished in 10th place (His career best finish at the TDF) ahead of Levi. Chris Horner is in top form and he proved it today with his solo attack on the Sierra Road summit finish during todays fourth stage from Livermore-San Jose. Levi is still a strong rider, but I don’t see him winning it this year. Besides Levi’s time trial skills, he hasn’t shown true form in the ATOC since he last won in 2009. Whether it was because the ATOC use to be in February with different weather, or he lost his touch, I think Horner should be the profound leader instead of him backing up Levi. We saw Chris leading out Levi today, but when Levi couldn’t handle the pace, we saw how great of shape Horner had. It’s possible that with Levi’s time trial in Solvang, he can make up time and finish 1-2 with Horner. Overall, i’m happy for Chris Horner winning today’s stage. He’s hard working, a nice guy, and deserved the win. It’s great to see new faces winning at this years Amgen Tour of California.

Comment this blog or Tweet at me with who you think should be Radioshacks GC leader. Chris Horner or Levi Leipheimer and why!

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Long Overdue

I can’t believe it’s been four months since I last blogged. The last time I blogged I was on my way to Arizona State University. Definitely a big change considering I was on the east coast for a semester, but it was the right change. I would like to apologize to my friends and subscribers of this blog for not writing at all this semester. To be honest, I was taking a break from riding my bike, and although that sounds horrific, it has actually been one of the nicest breaks from anything in a while. I have made many friends, had great memories, and even joined a fraternity. I figured since On The Tarmac is generally a blog about Cycling, I didn’t think to write anything about school, etc. I just want to finish this short post by adding that I intend to blog all summer long, especially now that the Giro d’Italia is on it’s way along with the Tour De France starting in a month and half! (It seems far away, but man I am excited!) I hope all my friends, subscribers, and Twitter family is doing great. Talk to you all soon and take care.


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What We Look Forward To On A Ride

For those who have been keeping up with my twitter account, you know that I like to get coffee sometime during a ride. Whether it is halfway through, or at the end, it is definitely what I look forward to after a ride. I just love sitting down with friends, hanging out, and talking about whatever is on our minds.

While I expressed what I looked forward to on a ride, I tweeted earlier this week, “What do you all look forward to while or after riding?" Thank you to those who tweeted me back! Had some awesome responses. Here they are!

runlikeacoyote: Honeystinger waffles during & chocolate milk & a bagel after.

LauraMaitrejeanI look forward to phone silence on rides. No one can reach me and I don’t have to make any decisions other then for my ride.

Bslabfor me? A (salt) bath… 

Suthosstruggler: We all look forward to a White Horse coffee and a slice of banana bread. Happy dayz!

RickieRainwater: A super power nap on the couch after a good ride.

Cyclingchick19: I look forward to checking my computer to see my progress I won’t check while riding #mygame 

ESittlerDesigns After a grueling summer ride: An entire can of hormel chili, topped with two fried eggs. Delicious protein.

troyhoskin :A hot shower now I’m in the Northern hemisphere. A banana, yoghurt, milk, honey and protein powder smoothie anywhere else.

Besides the things we look forward to after rides, riding with people can make the rides even better during them. The one person I absolutely like riding with is my friend Taylor aka T (Twitter: Taylorstrong. Go follow him!) Not only does he like to climb,  he loves coffee during rides more than I do! What I look for in a training/riding partner, is someone who is either on my fitness level or better, has a good sense of humor, and likes to talk during rides. T definitely meets those qualities and not only is the perfect person to ride with, he’s a good friend as well. We can all agree that having a good friend with us on a ride makes it much better. 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Until next time, keep on riding!

Comment or @mention me with what you look for in a riding/training partner!

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A New Year, A New Look.

     I hope everyone had a wonderful new years. To the few that read my blog, I apologize for not posting anything in two weeks. I mainly took a break because I didn’t feel like talking more about the difficulties between teams and their sponsors. I was starting to get annoyed just as much as all the articles surrounding Alberto Contador, and his positive test of clenbuterol during the tour last summer. We didn’t need another article did we?

     Anyways, as 2011 begins, I am already excited! To start the new year off right, Team Garmin-Cervelo finally unveiled their team kit, and like always, it looks good. The reason I say good, and not great, is because i’m not really impressed. In the past year, Team Garmin-Transitions and the Cervelo Test Team were one of my favorite teams. I love both jerseys. First with Garmin-Transitions, I absolutely loved the argyle. It was flashy and out there, which made them stick out like a sore thumb. With the Cervelo Test Team, what I liked was how their kit was that it was simple, yet very attractive, especially when they wore a different colored kit during the Tour De France, which they will most likely do again no doubt! If the kit had more argyle, I would definitely be on board with it. Of course Cervelo, the co-sponsor with Garmin, had just as much say, so i’m not surprised that they stuck with the traditional black and white.

     What I am most bummed out about is that the team won’t be wearing Catlike Helmets, but they will be supplied with Giro. I’m sure they will look good, considering Giro does a fantastic paint scheme. In the pictures below, Andreas Klier is wearing his Cervelo Test Team Catlike helmet from last season. (I have the exact same one!) I am a huge fan of Catlike. Although most people, and my friends find them ugly, I love the look and they are fantastic helmets. Overall, i’m please with everything and look forward to seeing Garmin-Cervelo succeed in the grand tours, and especially in the classics.

Comment or @mention me on twitter with your thoughts and reactions! Would love to hear what you have to say!

Photos by Jered Gruber at Velonation.com and Slipstream Sports,LLC (bottom photo) THANK YOU!

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A Disappointment for Australia

As news last summer came around that Australia was going to finally have a team riding in the Pro Tour, I was excited. I am a huge fan of seeing more countries produce teams, rather than a country such as Italy and the U.S dominating the scene with multiple teams. Although it was fantastic seeing a record four U.S squads in the Tour De France last summer, you get my point. All seemed well for the Aussie’s until these last few weeks. The UCI refused to accept Team Pegasus as a Pro Continental squad today after speculation that Pegasus didn’t secure the necessary sponsors that they needed to qualify, even when recently a sponsor stepped up and gave the necessary money to shelter the teams troubles. It’s a shame for this to happen, because I was looking forward to seeing sprinters such as Robbie McEwen and Robbie Hunter do well. I am also a fan of Jonathan Cantwell, who has had a very successful couple of seasons riding in the U.S for Pegasus Sports, which at the time was named Fly V Australia. Even with all this talent on a team, it’s a shame that sponsors, along with the UCI, couldn’t make this happen.

Robbie McEwen reacted on his Twitter feed: “Well done uci…. thanks a lot. So much work, effort, commitment, passion, sacrifice. been for nothing. Devastating.”

Although it’s a shame, future teams can learn from this. This is the perils of not announcing your sponsor and having an ironclad agreement upfront. Though we hear a lot of biased information that the UCI is being unfair, we cannot blame others for problems unless we look at the problem starting with ourselves. I am bummed out that there will not be an Aussie team, but it takes two sides of the matter to make it work. If Pegasus Sports had all the tools to present to the UCI, then i’m sure the UCI would have accepted their proposal. It was the fact that although articles online speculated that Pegasus indeed secured enough money, etc, the UCI still denied them. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? 

To think that 50 people will not have a job, and out of that 50, half are riders, leaves a bad feeling in your gut. I do hope that the Aussies come back next season fueled to be a Professional Continental team. It would even be great to see Cantwell, McEwen,Hunter, or whoever wins their first race, cross the line with a memorable gesture, such as flashing their jersey. Unless Robbie McEwen signs a last minute deal with a team,what I do know is that it wont be the same without him in the peloton thats for sure .

Comment or @mention me on twitter with your thoughts and reactions!

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A Brief Ride With DZ

I cannot tell you all how great this last few weeks of cycling in our neck of the woods has been. In the past year, I have had friends run into famous pro cyclists while I never found any luck. This year has been different with luck on my side now. I have so far met Alessandro Petacchi, Manuele Mori, HTC-High Road, and now Captain America Himself, Dave Zabriskie. Yesterday as I was riding towards the Rockstore, I looked back to see if any vehicles were behind me and happened to see a cyclist. I have great eye vision and noticed an orange helmet. My first thought was maybe it was Dave Zabriskie, but even though I heard he lives in the area, the odds of me running into him on a road are slim. So I started riding a little more, and as I almost reached the Rockstore, I was met up by DZ. I’ve always saw DZ as one of my favorite riders, and when I told him that, he didn’t believe me. I told him he was one of my favorite riders because when I asked him what bike (Cervelo or Felt) he liked better, he asked who I worked for. I laughed and just added that I was a big fan and love cycling. I am a huge bike geek, so asking the pro’s questions about bikes always interests me. I did happen to mention that he was one of the funniest riders in the peloton and he quickly responded that he couldn’t disagree with that. We started climbing, talking, and I soon learned how cool and down to earth this guy really was. He made me laugh a few times and although the time I rode with DZ was about 10 minutes, it seemed longer. It truly made my day. Near the end of Rockstore, I was getting exhausted and told Dave thanks for letting me ride with him and i’ll see him around. As he rode away, I was suffering with a smile. You would to if you had the experience  that I did. That is what you have to love about cycling. You never know who you might run into.  Thanks DZ for the experience, the conversation, and the opportunity to ride with you. Good luck this season!

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Get It While It’s Hot!

The past few weeks of Cycling has been fantastic! Not only has the weather been superb but professional riders have come out to take part in our spoiled cycling mecca. Alessandro Petacchi,  Manuele Mori, and other Lampre riders have been in town for the last week and half which has been great! I happened to have met Alessandro Petacchi and Manuele Mori on the way home from a long ride with a friend and I must say it was fantastic! Both guys were real nice and reminds you that although these guys are professional cyclists, they are also regulars like you and I. After a few photos and conversation, they were off and I was extremely happy (You would too if you just met the 2010 Tour De france green jersey winner.)

Pictured Below: Top- Alessandro Petacchi and I, Below- Alessandro Petacchi, Manuele Mori, and I.

Raelynn had dinner with them so she wins by default haha). Definitely made my day. Next, for those who don’t know, Team HTC-High Road is in town for a training camp! I’m sure you all know but for those who don’t, tomorrow is the last day, and if you haven’t stopped by their camp at the Westlake Inn off Agoura Rd….GO DO IT! Mostly everyone there is real down to earth and nice. The three riders I met that i’m familiar with and that were the nicest to talk to were definitely Marco Pinotti, Hayden Roulston, and Bernhard Eisel.

Pictured below with me: Marco Pinotti (Top), Hayden Roulston (Middle), and Bernhard Eisel (Bottom).


The mechanics and other staff were real cool. If you’re nice, they’ll give you a bottle or two (Of course they will most likely be used, so wash it out and put it on your shelf as a souvenir!). This weekend looks depressing with the chance of rain, so get out, soak in some vitamin D, and ride!

Below are a few extra photos of Craig Lewish (Top), and Mark Renshaw (Bottom) and I.

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100 Miles of Memories

November 26th marked my first century! For those who aren’t familiar with what a century is, it’s 100 miles of goodness!(Kidding, but seriously, but sort of kidding) It was exciting, grueling, and most of all EPIC. Justin, Scott, Glen, Alex and I rolled out of the Northridge train Station and I couldn’t have asked for a better group of friends to ride with. Although Glen had to leave once we hit the Santa Susana Pass, we still had a solid group. We swept through Simi Valley incredibly fast thanks to the tailwind and made our way through Moorpark to Fillmore. Once we landed in Santa Paula from Fillmore, we decided to take our first food break. We stopped at the local liquor store and stocked up on water, snacks, and a delicious Coca-Cola. I do not drink soda, but it was one of those occasions where you just had to and boy was it delicious. Well I think anything is delicious once your 50 miles into a ride. Once we finished our break, it was off to beautiful Ojai! The journey there was incredibly beautiful, and I enjoyed every minute of it. What I really liked on the way to Ojai was this long but low gradient climb. It was long enough to get a workout, but easy to talk to a friend while riding it. When we reached the outskirts of Ojai we passed this field with a lot of cows. Somehow that was my favorite view of the entire ride. I don’t know why, but when you have a beautiful scenery with livestock, it somehow makes the view quite cool. As we finally arrived into town, we had our second stop at this nice little coffee shop.  Although I use to work at Starbucks, I am a huge supporter and fan of family owned coffee shops, and love stopping by one whenever I get the chance. You could definitely tell it was the town favorite. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any espresso but the next time I roll into town there, you can bet my bike I will. After we left the coffee shop, it was off to our last destination: Santa Barbara. More specifically the Santa Barbara train station. As we passed Lake Casitas and were closer to Santa Barbara, we had one problem in the way, a Climb. At that point, we were close to 70 miles into the ride and my legs we starting to feel heavy, so seeing this climb really starting to get me nervous that I would cramp and pull a muscle. I rode behind Justin’s wheel as he and I rode away to the top. (He eventually moved into the big ring during the last 100m and sprinted for the KOM) As we reached the top of the second small hill we saw the ocean! I never thought i’d be so happy to see it!

From then on, the last 30 or so miles seemed like an eternity! We cruised along by the 101 freeway on this awesome bike route. We stopped at our last rest stop 15 miles from our destination and enjoyed a nice short break. As we left we were about 13 miles away and as everything seemed great, disaster struck! Alex unfortunately broke his chain. It came at the worst time during the ride! Scott and Justin became heroes for a short period of time, and pushed Alex for close to 5 miles! Some might say it was a nice thing to do, but I say it was heroic!

We eventually put Alex on a bus to meet us at the train station. We then made our way to the Santa Barbara train station! It ironically was exactly 100 miles for Scott and I, and man I was happy! 

We enjoyed a slice of Pizza and were then off on the train as we all hung out, relaxed, and talked about how epic our ride was. We probably used the word “Epic” at least 50 times throughout the duration of the ride, but you can’t blame us! THE RIDE WAS EPIC!

I’ll never forget this day.